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April 4, 2013
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June 26, 2012

About SiteApex ®A cost-effective solution for building a highly functional
and interactive website.

About SiteApex ImageSiteApex is a website content management system developed by OSM Networks. We developed SiteApex to meet a growing need for businesses and organizations of all sizes who need an up-to-date website. SiteApex gives you the tools every business or organization should have to be successful online.


Over the past year, the SiteApex Development Team has been working hard on improvements that will make updating your website even easier.

We are excited to launch our newest updates in

SiteApex 6! Our Calendar Module, News Manager,

News Letters, Admin Area etc. is now updated with a variety of new features! We have even added a new feedback system so you can tell us what YOU want to see! At OSM Networks

we are committed to providing the updates that will benefit you most.

To view more details on these updates click here.

Take the tour:


Optional Modules
Business Directory
Banner Ad Manager
Shop Cart
Job Postings
Lead Capture

Site Apex Standard Features
startofanchor/brendofanchor startofanchorpendofanchorstartofanchorstrongendofanchorEditing pages is similar to using a word processor. Features: startofanchor/strongendofanchorstartofanchor/pendofanchor startofanchorpendofanchor- Add/ edit sections and categories. startofanchorbrendofanchor - Add/ edit and deactivate pages. startofanchorbrendofanchor - Change the order of the sections and categories. startofanchorbrendofanchor - Preview before publishing. startofanchorbrendofanchor - Add images, PDF files and multimedia. startofanchorbrendofanchor - Set the viewing & editing permissions. startofanchor/pendofanchor
Photo Album
startofanchortable width=" 100%" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5"endofanchor startofanchortrendofanchor startofanchortd colspan="2" scope="col"endofanchorstartofanchorstrongendofanchorPhoto Albums Showcase your products, events and community. Features:startofanchor/strongendofanchorstartofanchor/tdendofanchor startofanchor/trendofanchor startofanchortrendofanchor startofanchortd scope="row"endofanchor- Add multiple photo galleriesstartofanchorbrendofanchor - Displays a thumbnail, enlarged view and slideshowstartofanchorbrendofanchor - Add titles & descriptionsstartofanchorbrendofanchor - Keyword search startofanchorbrendofanchor - Upload multiple photos using a point-and-click formstartofanchorbrendofanchor - Thumbnail view is automatically createdstartofanchor/tdendofanchor startofanchortd style="vertical-align:top;"endofanchorstartofanchorpendofanchorOption: startofanchor/pendofanchor startofanchorpendofanchor- Upload a custom photo background startofanchorbrendofanchor - Select from traditional or alternative viewstartofanchor/pendofanchorstartofanchor/tdendofanchor startofanchor/trendofanchor startofanchor/tableendofanchor
startofanchor/brendofanchor startofanchorstrongendofanchorWith our updated Calendar, you receive a variety of new, beneficial features: startofanchor/pendofanchor startofanchor/strongendofanchor startofanchorpendofanchor- New event categories with colour codesstartofanchorbrendofanchor - New fancybox modal view for coming events plug-instartofanchorbrendofanchor - List Calendar Events upgraded to simplify activating/deactivating eventsstartofanchorbrendofanchor - Updated weekly based calendar layouts to use correct yearstartofanchorbrendofanchor - Updated registration events to include the event name properly in notification emailsstartofanchorbrendofanchor startofanchor/pendofanchor startofanchor/brendofanchor
startofanchor/brendofanchorstartofanchorpendofanchor Blog is a web-log, an informal way to communicate with your customers. startofanchor/pendofanchor startofanchorpendofanchorA Blog can be useful for journal-type updates, expressing viewpoints ... startofanchor/pendofanchor startofanchorpendofanchorBTW, Blogs are good for generating search engine traffic.startofanchor/pendofanchor
Newsletter Module
startofanchor/brendofanchor startofanchorstrongendofanchorPersonalize enewsletters, send to any user group on your site, manage email lists, and track results. Features: startofanchor/strongendofanchorstartofanchor/pendofanchor startofanchorpendofanchor- Newsletters can be sent to any user group(s) startofanchorbrendofanchor - Easy editing: insert images & links, preview & edit before sending startofanchorbrendofanchor - Personalize with FirstName, LastName, Address, Email, Phone, Fax, User Name, Password startofanchorbrendofanchor - Allows users to remove themselves from mailing list startofanchorbrendofanchor - View history (enewsletter list, date/time sent, user group, received, click-thrus)startofanchor/pendofanchor
startofanchor/brendofanchor The Module Landing Page... New improved design to make integrate brand controlled styling. Clickable quicklinks to modules, details on recent usage and system prompting to encourage admin to update site. startofanchor/brendofanchor
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